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Lens Coating

Coating can give your lenses different attributes, making them behave differently according to their environment. Some can block glare, while others offer protection from scratches or Water-Resistant. To better understand the options available to you; we’ve listed some of the coatings available in our catalog and what they can do for you.

Anti-Glare Light Coating

Anti-glare coating, also known as anti-reflective coating or AR coating, is a thin layer applied to the surface of your eyeglasses that allows more light to pass through your lenses.
This improves your vision by reducing the amount of glare that reflects off of your lenses.
Glare is the excessive brightness caused by direct light or reflected light. It often occurs when sunlight bounces off a reflective surface like water or snow. Phones, tablets, and computer screens lit by LEDs can also cause glare.
Standard plastic lenses reflect approximately eight percent of the light that reaches your glasses, and high-index lenses reflect up to 12 percent of available light.

block Glare Light Coating
block Glare Light Coating 1

Benefits of Anti-Glare Coating

● Protect Your Eyes from UV Rays
● Reduced Eye Strain
● Decreased nighttime reflections, especially when driving
● Eliminates irritating glare
● Increase Your Visual Clarity

Anti-Scratch Coating

No pair of glasses is indestructible, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be protected. Anti-scratch coating defends your lenses against scratches and abrasions from everyday wear and tear, and helps reinforce them against drops. Everyone can benefit from a little extra protection, which is why all of Unieowfa customers can benefit from this incredible coating — it comes free with all of our glasses!

protection from scratches Coating

Super Hydrophobic Coating

If you hear the word “hydrophobic,” the thing that comes to mind is usually “fear of water” or perhaps water resistance. In eyeglasses, “hydrophobic” refers to a coating, specifically a titanium dioxide coating applied on the lens surface. Hydrophobic lens coating is a 20-30 transparent coat that should help you never have to deal with water on your glasses.

What is Hydrophobic Lens Coating?

You probably think a hydrophobic lens coating is some advanced lens technology. Well, not exactly. The truth is people have been using hydrophobic coating on their prescription glasses for a long time. After all, this is a technology you see every day on leaves and insects. The wings of insects like dragonflies have this, which is why they can fly even when it’s raining.

waterproof Coating
Antifouling Coating

Benefits of Super Hydrophobic Coating

● Repels anything water-based – Water, rain, or sweat slides down and off the lens of an eyeglass with a hydrophobic coating.

● Anti-static – Hydrophobic-coated lenses are anti-static, which means they can also repel dust and dirt particles. They fall off when they get onto a water-repellent lens.

● Needs less cleaning – Since hydrophobic lens repels water, dirt, dust, stains, and grease, you don’t need to clean it as much as regular eyeglasses.

Note: Our lenses only have 1.67 index and 1.74 index to provide Super Hydrophobic Coating. Anti-fog lens and sunglasses lens do not Hydrophobic Coating.

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