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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a prescription?

The easiest and most trusted way to obtain your prescription is to see your local optometrist. Please be sure to ask your doctor to include your pupillary distance (PD) on your prescription! If you have any problems while entering the prescription, Please contact us.

What do I need to order?

Before you order, you’ll need to enter a valid eyeglasses prescription (make sure it’s not for contacts!) and your pupillary distance (PD). to proceed. The PD is the distance in millimeters between your pupils, and helps us center your prescription correctly in your frames. Make sure this information is provided in your submitting prescription.

What if my prescription has expired?

We strongly recommend that you get an eye exam every two years, or more frequently if you notice that your vision has changed.

Can I use my contact lens prescription to order glasses?

Unfortunately, contact lens and eyeglass prescriptions are different. The simple reason is because contact lenses sit directly on your eyes, while eyeglasses are held in front of your eyes. Though the prescriptions may appear similar, they will differ in strength and are not interchangeable. We cannot — and, for your safety, would not — use your contact lens prescription to make your glasses. And we would advise you to contact your eye doctor to get your eyeglasses prescription.

How long does it take to customize prescription glasses?

Different prescription have different customization time. The more complicated the prescription , The more functions of the lens , the more customization time will be required. It usually takes 3-9 working days to customize prescription glasses.

Are there any limitations for bifocals or progressive lenses?

For bifocals, frames must be at least 30mm. Progressive lenses, frames must be at least 33mm.

Why are the lenses so thick?

Thickness of the lenses depends on a few factors.
1. Prescription strength. The stronger the prescription, the thicker the lens, all else being equal.
2. Frame selection/fit. All else being equal, the larger the size of the lens, the thicker it gets (thickness proportional to size).
3. The higher the index of refraction, the less of a material is necessary to bend, or focus, the light in the same way for the same prescription. So, higher index material lenses will also reduce thickness and “”Coke bottle”” effect.

Why can I see clearly in center, but blurry or distortion through the sides?

This is a fairly common when your eyes get used to the new glasses. It often occurs if the new glasses are of a higher prescription or you chose a larger frame than what you are used to. High index lens can also cause this issue. If you’ve been wearing the old glasses for a long time, your brain gets used to this and can find it hard to adjust if the prescription is changed. So you need to more time to get used to the new glasses. If you can’t get used to it for a long time, please check if the prescription is too high to get used to, and consult with your optometrist about the problem. Then you can contact with us for replacing the glasses to solve this issue.

Why don't the photochromic lenses become dark in the car?

The photochromic lenses become dark due to the penetration of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. Photochromic lenses typically will not darken inside a vehicle because the windshield glass blocks most UV rays.

Why do I see rainbow-like patterns when I view my screen through polarized sunglasses?

Because all LCD screens use polarized light and you are seeing the interaction of the polarizing filter in your glasses with that light which is causing moire patterns.
LCD displays use transistors to “twist” liquid-crystal material, causing it to block the backlighting that allows you to see the screen on a pixel-by-pixel basis. That liquid-crystal material, however, can only block light that is oriented in a “single direction”. For this reason, all LCD displays use polarizing filters to attenuate the backlight accordingly.
When you look at polarized light through your glasses, you can easily see the interaction of the display’s light source with your glasses (tilt and rotate the phone and you can likely watch this effect change).

Can you replace lenses if I send you my frame?

Sorry, we don’t provide lens replacement.

How can I change frame size?

All the frames we provide only have one size which has been listed on our website.

Frame only

We do provide frame only, however, frames come with “filler” lenses, which often have writing on them and are not optical quality. If you need the frame for fashion use, we would recommended to choose “Fashion” for the usage when you place the order.

Do you offer to repair glasses?

We do not provide this service.

How long will it take to get my glasses?

This depends on what lenses and shipping method you choose, namely the time includes the processing time and shipping time.

Will I be charged for any extra payment except for the products and shipping charges?

A certain amount of import duty may apply for some countries. Sorry for that we can’t assume your import customs. Duty (or customs tariffs) is set by the destination country customs authorities. Please contact the local custom for a specific amount of it.

How do you handle shipping delays?

Sometimes a shipping delay will occur due to weather, or customs inspections for example. Please do not worry, we will be responsible for any logistic issues and will not let our customers experience any loss. As a general rule: If your order can not be delivered to you in 1-2 months, we will process full refund to you or remake a new pair of glasses for you at no additional cost.

What do I do if my package was damaged?

Immediately contact our Customer Service department. We will work with you to get your damaged glasses replaced with a new pair as soon as possible.

Are packages coming from China and other high-risk countries safe to open?

Coronaviruses have poor resistance in the environment, so the possibility that the virus is transmitted by goods that travel for days or weeks at room temperatures is low. Current scientific knowledge suggests that coronaviruses propagate only through droplets of biological fluids.

Do you have a warranty?

We will replace broken frames at no charge during this 30-day warranty period. Replacement nose pads and nose pad screws for rimless frames are offered for the lifetime of the glasses. We do not provide replacement screws for frames other than rimless frames. If you feel there is a manufacturing error, return the glasses for inspection within the 30-day warranty period. If our inspection shows the glasses were made incorrectly, we will remake them for you at no charge.

When will I receive the refund?

If you used PayPal account to pay for the order, the refund will be back to your PayPal account within 3 business days. If you used credit card/debit card to pay for the order, the refund will be back to your credit card/ debit card in about one week. The actual time may depend on the processing time of your bank. Please feel free to contact us if you don’t receive the refund within the days listed above.

Do you accept insurance?

We do not accept insurance. However, some insurance companies will accept an invoice copy for reimbursement. Check with your insurance company, and if they do, you can request an emailed invoice copy from our Customer Service department.

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