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Anti-Fog Lenses

If you wear glasses, you’ll understand the struggle of your glasses fogging up and slowing you down. In recent times, wearing wear face masks has seen this inconvenience become more persistent. A simple solution to this is our Anti-fog lenses. They prevent your glasses from fogging up, giving you clear vision in any environment.

Why Do My Glasses Fog Up?

Your glasses can fog up because of condensation. This occurs when warm air touches a cold surface, like your glasses lenses. This is why when you go from the cold outdoors into a warm room, you may notice that your glasses fog up.

anti fog lenses model 1
anti fog lenses model 2

How Do Anti-Fog Lenses Work?

Anti-fog lenses have a special coating which absorbs moisture from warm air on the lens. This prevents them from fogging up.

Whether you’re wearing a mask, stepping indoors during winter or enjoying a hot drink, anti-fog lenses keep your glasses clear, without you needing to stop, spray and wipe your lenses.

Long-Term Anti-Fog Coating

Unieowfa Long-term Anti-Fog Coating for Glasses is a chemically bonded coating to both sides of the lens before it is cut. It includes a hard anti-scratch coating which can be used where ever surface fogging is an issue. Typical applications are safety goggles, prescription safety glasses, motorcycle goggles, and industrial safety glasses. The coating works on a molecular level to keep water molecules from bunching together and causing the blinding fog that is so dangerous on safety glasses.

anti fog lenses model 3
anti fog lenses model 4


Unieowfa Long-term Anti Fog coating for prescription safety glasses demonstrate superior fog free properties under a variety of conditions where fogging is an issue. The premium performance of this Anti Fog coating has been evaluated using various exposure tests, per industry standard testing procedures, such as:

● Breathe Fog Test – No fog formation after Direct breathing on the Coated Surface.
● Hot & Moist Air test- No Fog Formation After exposing to a hot, moist Environment.
● Freeze Test- No Fog Formation after transferring from cold conditions to a humid environment.

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